How Much Do WordPress Themes Cost?

WordPress is a content management system that many people use for their website. It’s easy to install and setup, plus it has an intuitive interface which makes creating new pages and posts a breeze. The question most people have when they are deciding on what platform to use is “How much does WordPress Theme cost?” In this blog post, we’ll look at the pricing plans available for you to find the right one for your needs!

WordPress products are available for purchase from the WordPress website. Here, you’ll find themes, plugins and support services. There is a range of pricing options to suit your needs. For example, if you were looking for a simple theme that would just need some minor modifications.

There are free and paid versions starting at $5- $15. If you’re looking for a more complex theme with multiple pages like an e-commerce site or portfolio site, then prices start at around $100-$200 depending on what features it comes with. The same goes with plugins; they start as low as $10 but can go up to about $70 each depending on what functionality they provide.

What is the difference between WordPress products and themes?

WordPress products include themes, plugins and support services. Themes are the design of your site which includes colors, fonts and layouts. Some WordPress themes have pre-made designs (like a blog) whereas others let you customize everything from scratch to create an entirely unique look for your website. Plugins can be free or paid; they provide additional features on top of what is already available in WordPress such as analytics tools, security updates and social media marketing functionality. Support services give you access to email based training courses with one-on-one expert help to get started quickly without any hiccups!

Which pricing plan should I choose?

There’s no perfect answer here because it depends on how much time and money you have available and what your needs are. If you’re looking for a free theme that will get the job done with minimal changes, then it’s worth trying out some of our free themes first to see if they do what you need them to. Paid themes start at $15 but there are also discounts available for larger purchases so it’s worth checking these discounted items as well if you know how many sites you’ll be working on!

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There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to WordPress products; each person has different needs and wants from their website. The best way to decide which plan would suit your requirements is by reading through all the information on this page before making a decision.

How Much Does a Theme Cost?

A theme costs either $15 or $100 depending on what features are included. If you want your website to look like one of the pre-made designs, then a simpler free theme is available for under $15 but if you’re looking for more complex functionality and design (like e-commerce), then it can cost over $100.

Paid themes start at around $15-$20 which includes simple templates with minimal features like fonts, colors and basic layouts without any customizing required. There’s also premium paid themes that offer greater customization including animations, social media integration and SEO tools; these start at about $70 each so they could be worth checking out too!

Themeforest is the world’s largest marketplace for WordPress products with over 100,000+ themes available. There are a range of prices on offer and you can be sure that it will have something to suit your needs!

There are many benefits from purchasing a theme from Themeforest:

  • Great support team who help answer all technical questions if needed; this includes updates or new features in future versions.
  • Variety of templates including custom designs, few options or hundreds – we’re confident there’ll be one that suits what you need!
  • Regularly updated store so each time you visit our site hopefully there will be more freebies added like fresh design trends and latest techniques in web development (and they won’t  break the bank!)
  • Lifetime updates and unlimited revisions included so you can easily make changes when they’re needed.
  • Free tutorials on how to customize your theme or add new features like contact forms, slideshows and blogs.
  • All themes come with a detailed user manual which means that anyone. 
  • Regardless of their experience level in WordPress – can get started quickly without any hiccups!
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How much does support cost? Support is free for our products but we do charge an extra fee for paid plugins. If you need assistance then all support requests are answered within 24 hours Monday to Friday before noon AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). After this time it may take longer due to other customer inquiries however if there’s more urgency please feel

What are some of the best free WordPress themes available?

There are many free themes available but some of the best ones that we recommend include:

Flatsome– Themeforest’s own template which comes with a variety of features and has an attractive design. It also includes 24/24 support from our team for all WordPress queries so it won’t break your bank!

Beez Theme– This theme is perfect if you want to use WooCommerce and have fashion store requirements as well as other ecommerce needs like shopping cart, product descriptions, etc. The package starts at $99 (including updates) although there are discounts when purchasing multiple licenses too.

Newspaper– This is a very popular theme which has been around for over four years. It’s easy to customize and with its clean, clear design it looks great on any screen size. 

eCommerce Shop Theme – It is designed specifically for WooCommerce so if you have an online store then this should be your first choice! This template comes in two package options: Basic ($99) or Premium ($199), both of which come with 24/24 support from our team as well as lifetime updates included too.

Premium Vs Free – What’s Better for Your Website Design Needs?

Premium Themes

When you purchase a premium theme, you’ll have access to it for life. You can alter every aspect of the design and style which means that your website will be completely unique in its looks so visitors won’t feel like they’re at work or school when browsing through your site; this also helps with search engine optimization too!

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Premium themes are typically more expensive than free ones but there’s often a range of discounts available on offer as well as deals for multiple licenses if needed. This is perfect if you want to use WooCommerce and have fashion store requirements as well as other eCommerce needs like shopping cart, product descriptions, etc. The package starts at $99 (including updates) although there are discounts when purchasing multiple licenses too.

Free Themes

Free themes are great if you want to customize a template that’s already available and it can be good for those who don’t know how to code themselves as there are many free, customizable templates available which means anyone without coding experience can get started with WordPress quickly.

It also doesn’t cost anything but of course the downside is that they’ll expire after 30 days so when your site has been built then we recommend switching over to our premium theme packages where updates will always come at no extra charge whatsoever! Support is included in all our products whether paid or free, just remember that it may take longer to receive as we have many customers looking for help.

Programming WordPress Themes

You won’t find the same level of customization that you would get from writing code yourself but there are still many options available. It really comes down to your needs and what’s best for your website design requirements! If you need something with a lot of features then premium themes may be better suited, if not then free ones can work just fine too. You’ll also want to consider how long-term an investment is required; some people prefer paying once upfront rather than making small payments on a monthly basis over time so it’s worth thinking about this when deciding which option is right for you. 


There are many ways to make your website look professional and have a positive impact on sales. You can offer eCommerce capabilities, create interactive content with social media integration, or even utilize WordPress products like themes and plugins that will help you grow your audience quickly.