How to Make a WordPress Website?

Recently, there have been a surge of people with small businesses that are embracing the Internet to market their services. However, many believe it is too complicated or time-consuming because they assume all you need is an idea and even less money. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as setting up your personal website on WordPress can take mere minutes!

Setting yourself apart online by having your own personalized site has never been easier thanks to new content management systems like WordPress which let non-technical types build simple sites without being experts in web design; not only does this save more than enough time but also saves more than enough funds for other aspects of business!

All About WordPress

WordPress is a website builder and content management system that can be used by anyone to make any kind of site imaginable. The software was originally made for blogging purposes in 2003, but it has since transformed into CMSs with features like social media integration, SEO optimization tools, mobile responsiveness options (among others). It powers more than 38% of all websites on the internet today. is a separate website that was launched by the WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg. This platform provides an easy way for beginners to create their websites and blogs without having to do much of the technical work themselves like managing hosting or purchasing domain names – it’s all done through one convenient dashboard where you can also purchase themes and plugins (known as “add ons”). differs from this site in many ways because it offers open source software which millions of other sites use; whereas here at WordPress we only offer web hosting services with pre-built templates so users don’t have to build everything from scratch!

How To Make a WordPress Website?

Are you a budding entrepreneur starting your own WordPress website? You are in luck! Here is how to get started. 

First, pick out an awesome domain name for it and the perfect hosting provider that will suit all of your needs so one doesn’t conflict with another site or service on the web. Next install WordPress (if you haven’t already) by downloading what’s needed from their official page and following this step-by-step guide. Choose a theme & plugins for functions like ecommerce store management as well as social media integration.  Once done customizing everything to make sure it’s just right, then unleash those entrepreneurial instincts onto some unsuspecting entrepreneurs by getting online today!

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Those are the short overview of creating or making websites. Now let’s get to the details. Where we will show you the five basic steps to create wonderful website with WordPress

Step One: Getting Started and Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is often the most difficult part of building a website. Websites are what people type into their browser to get to, and it’s important that you choose an appropriate one for both yourself as well as potential customers. This becomes even more challenging if you’re not sure which words best characterize your brand or product. 

But there are some helpful guidelines marketers recommend following in order to find something memorable but also recognizable by visitors who don’t know much about you yet. You want a web address that sticks out among all the others on social media so pick wisely! Consider incorporating keywords related to your company like images from your logo or colors used in branding materials; these will help make things easier.

When it comes to choosing a domain name for your business, you want one that is memorable and easy to spell. For example, “” will help people find Bob by his last name or they can just search “Welders” if they’re looking for welding services in the area because www.BobSmithWelderingservices is awesome in case you needed help finding would be much too difficult to remember!

Pick your domain, buy a name and pick out hosting! When you are building on WordPress there is no need to choose two different providers. Bluehost offers both services for one low price – so that’s the perfect option if you’re going with WordPress.

Step Two: Choose Your Package and Set Up Your Hosting Account

Bluehost offers you various plans to suit your needs. You can choose from our standard WordPress packages or go all the way with a fully managed plan where we will perform certain tasks for you, such as installing updates and security patches. Once registered on one of these hosting solutions, it is easy to create an account by adding your domain name in their search bar which makes things even easier!

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BlueHost has been around since 1996 when they first offered people two types of websites: Standard Web Site Plans and Fully Managed Website Hosting Plan that includes additional services like installing software updates and applying security patches automatically without any extra hassle whatsoever. Their registration process was so simple; just add your desired URL into BlueHost’s Search Bar then follow through its step. 

Nowadays there are so many hosting providers out on the web. And they all offer different features for your website needs. That’s why it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you and what you need from them because each company has its own packages with a lot of add-ons that vary in price quite drastically across hosts!

It really just depends on how much time or money (or both) do you want to spend maintaining your site online? But don’t worry, we have an article about choosing the best Web Hosting Provider here at HubPages if you’re looking for some guidance as well!

Step Three: Choose a WordPress Theme

No need to worry about creating your website from scratch! Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you and all that is left is choosing a theme. There are premium themes available at an upgrade cost if the free ones don’t meet your needs.

It is always important to keep your reasons for building a website in mind. The next screen will ask if you are doing so for personal or business purposes. This distinction can make all the difference when choosing what resources and tools should be utilized on one’s site because some may not necessarily be applicable depending upon how it was built. 

Such as creating an eCommerce store versus just using it to market products they already have available elsewhere online. Like Etsy or eBay would require different things from someone looking at getting their shop up-and-running quickly. Without having much experience beforehand of web development including installation requirements. That doesn’t apply well for those who want something more customized but still powerful enough where there isn’t any advanced tech knowledge needed since these sites are generally used by people. 

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Step Four: Learn Your WordPress Dashboard

Now that you are ready to start working, you should find yourself on the Dashboard for your new website. This is where all of your visitors will be able to see what goes into making up a page and how they can interact with it too! Spend some time learning this area by reviewing features that have been most useful in my experience as well as those I haven’t used yet but plan on trying soon.

Step Five: Customize Themes and Pages

It’s time to start setting up your brand new website. We have all the tools you need, like fonts and colors! You can get started on writing blog posts right away or check out some of our features first before getting in too deep.

We’ve got a lot for you here at site-builder – from color options to font styles, we want everything about your company culture represented through this powerful tool that will represent who YOU are as an individual or business owner/brand personality. Get inspired by other people’s sites then dive into building YOUR unique online platform today with us! 

You’ll find a ton of links on the left-hand sidebar that allow you to customize your site. The best way to get acquainted with them is by clicking each tab and exploring what’s available! 


Thirty minutes is all it takes for you to set up WordPress and make your small business website work like a charm. Follow these five easy steps: Register your domain name at Bluehost, choose the service package that works best with what you need from them, then order the hosting package of choice. This will be an invoicing process so just wait patiently while they get back to you about everything necessary before proceeding.

Log into cPanel after receiving a confirmation email or phone call answering any questions if needed as well! If you’re launching a small business and want to make the best first impression possible, I’ve got your back. There are five easy steps that will have you up and running in no time! Ready?