What is the difference between North and South India?

What is the difference between North and South India?

While South India generally refers to the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana (i.e. the Dravidian parts of the country), the boundaries of North India aren't as clearly defined (states such Goa and Maharashtra are frequently grouped together as Western India, while West Bengal and …

What is the difference between the North and South?

In the South, the economy was based on agriculture. … Another difference between the North and South had to do with the new states forming in the western territories. The North wanted the new states to be “free states.” Most northerners thought that slavery was wrong and many northern states had outlawed slavery.

Is south India more developed than North India?

North India vs South India – The Geographical Division North-South India is generally represented by states to north and south of Vindhyas.

What is the difference in the winter climate between the North and the South India?

North India is landlocked while South India is surrounded by Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. The climate in North India is generally cool and dry in winters and very hot in summers while the temperatures are high throughout the year in South India with high humidity due to proximity to the sea.

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