What is the female version of a curmudgeon?

What is the female version of a curmudgeon?

There is a female version of curmudgeon! Uncensored Dictionary-thesaurus (UDT) defines curmudgeon as a crusty, ill-tempered scrooge. The female version would be battle axe along with a few choice (uncensored) synonyms.

Are you a curmudgeon?

Dictionary.com defines a curmudgeon as a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person. … Sometimes a cantankerous person will say something that needs to be said and no one is willing to do so. My definition of a curmudgeon.

What makes a curmudgeon?

For example, a curmudgeon is defined at times as a “crusty, ill-tempered” old man. … However, not all definitions of the word are negative. For example, an alternative definition says curmudgeons are people with stubborn ideas or opinions. This might be laughed at by some, but it can be a strength at times.

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