Who created Wii Fit?

Who created Wii Fit?

Weight Limit of the Wii Balance Board. The balance board sold with Wii Fit Plus in Japan states that it can support up to 136 kilograms, or 300 pounds. The balance board sold in the United States, Europe, and Australia is advertised with a maximum weight limit of 150 kilograms, or about 330 pounds.

How many balance boards can be connected to Wii?

Only one Balance Board can be synchronized with the system at a time and the board uses the fourth player controller connection, replacing any Wii Remotes that are currently bound to that position. Due to these two limitations, there is no ability to use multiple Balance Boards simultaneously.

How do you sync the Wii Balance Board to the Wii?

Remove the Battery Cover on the bottom of the Wii Balance Board. Press and release the SYNC Button on the Wii Balance Board. The Power LED on the board will start blinking. Press and release the SYNC Button on the console while the Power LED on the board is still blinking.

What does the Wii Fit board do?

How the Wii Balance Board Works. Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto displays the Wii Balance Board, created to accompany the Wii Fit game, at a conference in 2007. The board uses sensors to track a user's weight and movements. See more video game system pictures.

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How do you get the Wii Fit board to work?

Remove the battery cover on the bottom of the Wii Balance Board. Insert four AA batteries according to the diagram in the battery compartment.

When did the Wii Fit come out?

^ a: In North America, Wii Fit was launched on May 19, 2008, with an exclusive release at the Nintendo World Store in New York City, two days before the general release.

How do you sync a Wii Fit board to the console?

Turn on your console after inserting a compatible disk. Open the front cover of your console and then remove the battery cover from the bottom of your Wii balance board. You are about to sync the two. Push the "Sync" button on the bottom of the balance board (as you do this, a blue light will begin to flash).

How do you charge a Wii Fit board?

Put one side of the USB rotate cable of DC into Balance Board battery pack connection. Connect the other end of the USB into the Wii controller USB expansion port. Insert the full powered battery pack into the Balance Board battery compartment.

How do you sync Wii remotes?

Press and release the SYNC Button just below the batteries on the Wii Remote; the Player LED on the front of the Wii Remote will blink. While the lights are still blinking, quickly press and release the red SYNC Button on the Wii console. When the Player LED blinking stops and stays lit, the syncing is complete.

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